Curly Creek Road

Long sweeperCurly Creek Road is my favorite 5 mile stretch of road in the state of Washington. Taken from NF90 heading Southeast towards Wind River Road, Curly Creek is slightly uphill with perfectly smooth corners. It is my preferred route of travel even though you have to use the bumpy East end of NF90 to get there. Following NF90 you will see the turnoff for Curly Creek heading uphill then veering off the left out of sight. After the short straight you find yourself in a set of four fantastic sweepers, the smooth pavement and slight incline insprire confidence.

The road straightens out just for a moment before the next group of corners, tighter than the last. A 90 degree right corner moves immediately into a 180 degree hairpin to the left followed by another back to the right. The next corner to the left opens up just a bit letting you throttle into the last corner, a fast left-handed sweeper. A couple gentle corners and a straight stretch left and you're at the top.

Beautiful pavement for most of the road I like to make 2 or 3 passes through Curly Creek, the first one a little slower to make sure there isn't debris or elk on the road. Elk and deer are the main obstacles on this road especially if you are riding it in the early morning or around dusk. There is also a turnoff in the middle of one of the 180 degree corners that cars are sometimes turning in or out of, if you have the time, it's worth a visit yourself to see the amazing view (Click here for link.) Once you've had your fill of Curly Creek there is plenty of fun in all directions. NF25, NF90 and Wind River are all a blast!

Check out the great video below of Curly Creek by Dom. You can visit his YouTube channel here.

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