Issaquah Fall City Road

CornerIssaquah Fall City is a short road with some decent corners. It's great for a quick ride or heading up towards more local twisty roads in the Snoqualmie Valley. The road is, however, lined with homes and there can be some traffic on it at all times of the day. So do yourself and fellow riders a favor and like all roads close to cities, take it easy!

Issaquah-Fall City Road is most easily accessed via I-90 off exit 22 towards Preston and Fall City. Take a left off the exit and then a right towards Preston. Take it very slow through the small town of Preston and after a few miles of country road you will see a left turn over a bridge, this takes you towards Issaquah-Fall City Road.

Beautiful pavement for most of the road Heading West on the Issy-Fall City you come up quickly to a series of 20 and 25mph corners. There are some driveways on the first two corners so there is occasionally gravel on the road but it is typically clear as long as it has been dry out. The road continues with a few more back to back corners before you come to a t-stop.

Taking a left to continue on Issy-Fall City you come have a short straight stretch of road before another, very-fun section of corners with lots of elevation change. At the end of a section is the best corner on the road, a double left-handed corner with no driveways nearby and perfect pavement. The last set of corners coming up are fun but all but one has a driveway off it so be careful of cars and debris.

CornerIssaquah-Fall City Road is great and the combination of smooth pavement and fun corners can tempt you to go wild. But take it easy, don't rush from one corner to another. Go into the corners a gear higher than you usually would to try and keep the noise down. Lastly, don't make repeated runs on the road. The residents nearby are generally friendly enough towards motorcyclists but let's keep it that way by being respectful.

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